Concerto Orchestra Seating Auditions (2023-24) for Horn


  • Please record all the materials specified. Please count all rests accurately. Please do not record with metronome or accompaniment for any recordings.
  • Please ensure that the video files have the correct permissions for SEMYO conductors to view them.
  • Submit your recordings here:


  • In Concert Orchestra, you are expected to be as familiar with others’ parts as your own. Recordings are provided next to each excerpt so you can listen.
  • You are expected to know “how the music goes”. This includes tempo, style, and how the different parts fit together. The first rehearsal should not be the first time you’ve heard the piece.
  • When it’s not clear how your part fits into the greater whole, you should use the full score to understand. If you do not know how to look at the full score, I would be more than happy to teach you. You can view the scores here:

Excerpt #1. Li: Spring Festival Overture. (View Recording)
♩ = 144. Play the lower line for the full excerpt.

Excerpt: 2nd Movement from Symphony No. 5 by Tchaikovsky
Tempo starts at ♩. = 44. Follow written tempo markings. (View Recording)