Concert Orchestra Seating Auditions (2023-24) for Percussion

Please do not submit an audition online. Your audition will be held in-person before the second rehearsal on September 17th, and it will include a sight-reading component. Here is an example sight reading so you can gauge the difficulty. (You would be asked to play the upper line at a suggested tempo of ♩ = 200.)

Excerpt for Crash Cymbals
Li: Spring Festival Overture. (View Recording)
♩ = 144.

Excerpt for Xylophone. Gershwin: Porgy & Bess. (View Recording)
♩ = 132 (if you cannot learn the full excerpt in time for the audition, it is preferred that you learn fewer measures but at the full tempo rather than the full excerpt at a slower tempo)

Excerpt for Timpani. Sibelius: Finlandia.
Allegro moderato: ♩ = 120 and Allegro: ♩ = 144
Be sure to count the long trills accurately. We are looking for a good internal pulse and a musical dynamic shape.