Audition Materials for Baritone

2024-2025, Version D

Note: Currently, Baritone players may only audition for Prelude Winds. For continued orchestral opportunities for Baritone players beyond Prelude Winds, please contact us.

SEMYO Orchestras

Prelude Winds is an ensemble for students who play a woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument with 1–2 years of playing experience. Participants will learn proper instrument technique, how to play together as an ensemble, and how to follow a conductor. Prelude Winds may also have opportunities to perform in an orchestral setting with SEMYO string players.

For instructions and guidelines on submitting your audition video please visit

1. Excerpts

For Prelude Winds, please record excerpt #1.

Excerpt #1 for Baritone. “Winter Winds” by Randall Standridge.
Tempo: ♩ = 132

2. Scales

For Prelude Winds, record scale #1.

Scale #1. B-flat Major, 1 Octave. Suggested Tempo is ♩ = 72.